Property Maintenance in North Bay, Ontario

Minor Repairs Looked After In-House

Minor property maintenance, fixes and repairs are priced at a reasonable hourly rate. Kevin has a long history of working in trades; he can perform most of the maintenance work that our customers require. He has many credentials including: working at heights, confined spaces, occupational health and safety, and first aid. He also has experience as an industrial corrosion technician. Kevin and Renee can paint, repair drywall, change door handles and locks, hang pictures, mount televisions, do caulking, etc. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

Contractor Management for Larger Repairs and Property Maintenance Tasks

For any property maintenance that requires a license (plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, etc.) we contract out to licensed professionals, while arranging and overseeing their work. This is also priced at $40/hour, or 8-12% of the cost of the job being performed, depending on the extent of the work being performed.

Savvy Shores has relationships with reliable and well-priced companies around North Bay, and most often the first person we call is able to attend properties on short notice.

A house we service, offering property maintenance in North Bay, Ontario